Attract great people and retain with purpose.

Competing in an Era of Choice eBook
Competing in an Era of Choice eBook
In the current job market, people can choose where they want to work. Learn in this Competing in an Era of Choice eBook how HR solutions and technologies can help organizations attract the right candidates, develop and retain top talent, and better engage employees.
People are the secret to your success. But to find and keep the most talented people when they have more work choices than ever before, you need flexible, mobile-friendly talent solutions that help them feel heard and advance toward their unique goals

Why UKG for Talent?

Connect your people to a talent strategy and a vision for the future — to create a place where everyone wants to work.

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    Fill open positions at any scale with job reqs that match your employer brand, evaluate and engage with applicants quickly, reduce unconscious bias, and communicate effectively with hiring teams.

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    Set performance and development goals that align with both employees’ visions for their role and broader business objectives, with clear career paths and succession plans.

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    Encourage frequent feedback, build a culture of trust and respect, and recognize sentiment around key areas — helping people feel understood and sparking engagement.

Talent in Action
Keep applicants and employees alike engaged and motivated — starting before day one.

Your people are the heartbeat of your organization. So show both your current and future employees how much they matter with your talent technology.

Be Responsive
Provide Personalized Career Development
Proactively Spark Engagement
Be Responsive
Be Responsive when Recruiting

Dana applies for a job and is instantly notified that their application was received. Soon after, a recruiter texts to set up initial phone screens.


Dana applies for a job and is instantly notified that their application was received. Soon after, a recruiter texts to set up initial phone screens.

Customer Stories
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“[UKG] Pro has created a dynamic change in how we operate and do business.”

UKG Pro™ helps AMSURG align employee goals and performance with its business objectives, accelerating performance management processes by 40%.

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“UKG Ready provides…employees… access to… information they need.”

UKG Ready helps Hydro-Gear automate their recruiting and benefits enrollment for a more streamlined experience for both managers and employees.

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