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Environmental Responsibility at UKG
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Our ESG Program
Environmental, Social, and Governance at UKG

Our ESG program serves to coordinate and optimize activities we manage in support of our beliefs, identify opportunities to grow and strengthen our commitments and demonstrate the positive impacts we make through measurable progress and tangible results.

At UKG, we firmly believe in doing right by doing good — for our employees, our customers, and our communities. When people feel valued, that their job has meaning, and that they belong, their innovative and engaged spirit is unlocked and they’re empowered to tap into their unique talents for the good of others.

Chris Todd, President UKG

“ESG is core to the work we do every day at UKG and ties directly to our purpose: people. We know that our commitment to ESG will only enhance the culture we create for our U Krewers, the experience we create for our customers, and the support we provide to our communities around the world.”

Chris Todd
Chief Executive Officer | UKG
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We continually measure, manage, and minimize energy use and resulting greenhouse-gas emissions to be good stewards of our planet.


We strive to responsibly dispose of electronic waste and increase electronics recycling and waste diversion.


We maintain our facilities and run our business operations in a responsible manner to identify and decrease our consumption of natural resources.


We encourage a culture of belonging, trust, and empowerment by fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates differences and maximizes innovation.

Social Impact

We firmly believe in doing the right thing for our employees, our customers, and our communities by participating in philanthropic projects worldwide.


We invest in initiatives and programs that help build an intentional culture that fosters employee satisfaction and aligns with our core values and behaviors.


We care deeply about our customers’ satisfaction and long-term success and build meaningful relationships that evolve with their needs and priorities.


We strive to do the right thing in everything that we do to ensure we act as good corporate citizens to our customers, our communities, and one another.


The policies, practices, and protocols to protect and manage the collection, retention, and use of sensitive, confidential, and personally identifiable data.


We are committed to rigorous policies, practices, and protocols to protect our IT infrastructure, networks, and devices to ensure the security of customer and user data.

Our ESG Policy
Our ESG Policy

Our ESG Policy — together with our Environmental Policy, Human Rights Policy, Code of Conduct, Supplier Code of Conduct, and other operational policies — demonstrates our commitment to ESG practices and operations. Specific metrics, alongside governance we have put in place around the core pillars of our ESG program, hold us accountable and allow transparent assessment as to how UKG is performing against our commitments.

UKG Materiality Assessment

Our ESG Priorities

UKG conducts a biennial global materiality assessment to remain focused on the most impactful areas related to our business operations, employees, communities, and the environment. UKG developed our first set of ESG targets, aligned with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) where we are best positioned to contribute. These forward-thinking targets are ambitious but realistic, and we have held ourselves accountable to progress to, achieve, and/or surpass each pillar in a timely manner.

Awards and Recognition

While we never take any action solely for the recognition, UKG is proud to have earned a number of recent awards for our ESG efforts, including a Silver EcoVadis Sustainability Rating.

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