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Canadian HR Guide: Microaggressions at Work

How subtle acts of exclusion can poison your workplace culture

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Canadian HR Guide: Microaggressions at Work

Microaggressions occur during commonplace verbal exchanges where one person communicates — intentionally or not — hostile or derogatory attitudes toward a person in a culturally or socially marginalized group. This may include racialized people, LGBTQ2+ people, women, seniors, and those who have disabilities or live in poverty.

In this timely guide for employers, leaders, and HR professionals, we explore the history, evolution, and impact that subtle acts of exclusion have on individuals and workplaces. You’ll learn essential aspects of microaggressions and how to address them, including:

  • Definitions and different types of microaggressions
  • Examples of common microaggressions and how to respond to them
  • Understanding the complexity and controversy of microaggressions in the workplace
  • The impact of microaggressions on those who commit them, receive them, and observe them
  • Essential next steps for HR teams and leadership

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