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Competing in an Era of Choice eBook

In the current job market, people can choose where they want to work. Learn in this Competing in an Era of Choice eBook how HR solutions and technologies can help organizations attract the right candidates, develop and retain top talent, and better engage employees.

In the modern employment landscape, the greatest competition that organizations can face in filling open positions and retaining staff can be the freedom of choice that people have in choosing their employer and how they work. To evolve and remain competitive, organizations must consider the experience they are offering to employees ― and prospects.

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Competing in an Era of Choice eBook

This eBook explores how organizations can use their HR solutions to meet their people goals and demonstrate that what people value most has been thoughtfully incorporated into the work experience. Discover how to assess your current employee experience and use tools to help you better understand how to:

  • Create a more people-focused organization
  • Deliver a better employee experience throughout the life-work journey
  • Design experiences that create choice and flexibility
  • Use technology to impact employee choice

Download this informative eBook to learn more about how your organization can compete in an era of choice.

Listening matters: 92% of highly engaged employees feel heard at their workplace compared to 30% of highly disengaged employees.
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