Build a people-centered strategy with culture-driven HCM

Our comprehensive human capital management suite, designed for enterprise organizations, efficiently manages personnel data, handles robust payroll tasks, boosts scheduling efficiency, and helps attract, nurture, and grow your talent — all in one experience.

UKG Pro Suite

A solution that truly serves people

Our suite is the only one designed to help you build your culture. Here are a few other benefits of choosing UKG Pro®:

Put people at the center of your strategy

Put people at the center of your strategy

With industry-leading data and insights that connect the personal and the professional, we’ll help you build a culture of trust and belonging.

Make work easier for all

Make work easier for all

Create more meaningful work experiences through AI-powered recommendations and augmented experiences that simplify the most complex operations.

Rest easy — we’ve got your back

Rest easy — we’ve got your back

Evolve your business with technology that’s designed to grow with you, backed by UKG’s partner for life promise and commitment to service.

UKG Pro Solution Features

From HR to payroll and workforce management, our solution features go beyond work to elevate the moments that matter and help you become a great place to work.

Human Resources

Manage all your people data in one place while sharing important company information and news with your entire global workforce.

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Deliver accurate payroll and improve financial wellbeing with access to deeper pay insights from any device.

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Attract, nurture, and grow talent through ongoing engagement with intuitive tools for collaboration, effective goal setting, and continuous learning.

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Time & Attendance

Track employee time, attendance, and activity while gathering data to enforce work and pay rules and manage exceptions for ongoing compliance and cost control.

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Gain visibility into staffing to ensure optimal coverage for every shift, every day while giving employees flexibility around how and when they work.

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Proactively manage compliance with automated alerts and tax lookups to meet HR, payroll, and employment requirements.

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Make more people-driven decisions with customizable reports and remarkable AI that helps you know and grow your people.

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Platform & Security

Power your workplace transformation with people-centered experiences, thanks to the secure and innovative UKG FleX platform.

UKG Pro Strategic Offerings

Whatever your business objective is, we have a leading collection of strategic offerings to help you meet your goals.

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