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The Truth About Happiness

Evidence-based practices for increasing your wellbeing at home and work.

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The Truth about Happiness

We all want to be happy.

Happiness not only feels good, but research has found that it is associated with superior mental and physical health. Further, happiness and health are linked to greater career success, improved relationships, enhanced creativity, and longevity.

Canadian researcher and happiness expert Dr. Gillian Mandich is on a mission to help people live their happiest life. She brings academic research to life by combining insights from the latest studies and real-world wisdom to provide practical, evidence-based solutions that empower people to live happier, healthier lives.

In this guide, learn more about happiness from Dr. Mandich, including:

  • Why happiness is essential to wellbeing
  • The myth about how to attain happiness
  • Five scientifically proven practices to make you happier each day