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Against All Odds State and Local Government

How Springfield, Massachusetts Built a Fiscally Sustainable Future.

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Against All Odds State and Local Government

After a $41 million deficit and an EF-3 tornado, Springfield, MA is thriving. Learn in this Against All Odds article how the city made this amazing turnaround, using technology and data-driven processes to improve economic vitality, public safety, and public education.

In this Government Finance Review article, T.J. Plante, the City of Springfield’s chief administrative and financial officer, describes the city’s journey from a crumbling community with a massive deficit to a revitalized and rebuilt city with a $50 million surplus.

He credits public-private collaboration, process improvements, and implementing financial and workforce management solutions with providing the tools that have enabled Springfield to:

  • Gain control of labor costs through real-time visibility into workforce data
  • Rebuild its city buildings and schools with FEMA funds following a devastating tornado
  • Revitalize the school system to improve student outcomes and graduation rates
  • Restore neighborhoods and city residents’ confidence and pride in their community
  • Emerge from the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic with a surplus

Download this article to learn more about how the City of Springfield has weathered devastating events over nearly two decades to make a remarkable comeback. It’s a story that every community in American can learn from.