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Equity at Work: A Two-part Guide for Canadian HR and People Leaders

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This resource provides employers with a playbook for understanding the concepts of equity and equality, debunks common myths about diversity and inclusion, and outlines steps to create a more equitable workplace.

Why is it essential for everyone to heed the call for diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Social media channels, news programs, and podcasts are awash with heated debates over equity. As experts argue about the implications of equity, universities and corporations are hastening to respond to ever-growing concerns among their students, faculty, staff, and the public.

Likewise, HR departments are struggling to make sense of the terminology around equity so they can devise and implement practices that benefit their employees. And importantly, executives are trying to grasp the implication of NOT sufficiently putting their support behind actionable policies that will create equitable workplaces.

This guide explains how you and your organization can work to achieve greater equity. The two-part digital resource includes:

  • Equity at Work - Part 1: What employers need to know to make a difference
  • Equity at Work - Part 2: One for all and all for one - Building equity into Canadian workplaces

Download a complimentary copy of this timely guide to learn more.
Note: You’ll find a link to Part 2 at the end of the content in Part 1.