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The Canadian Employer’s Guide to Accessible and Inclusive Meetings

Accessibility benefits EVERYONE.

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One aspect of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) often gets overlooked or inadequately addressed: accessibility. As a result, people with disabilities continue to encounter barriers to participation at work.

There are many ways an organization can become more accessible to people with physical, cognitive, sensory, mental, intellectual, communication or learning disabilities. One activity, however, impacts nearly every employee: meetings.

The great thing about making your in-person, virtual, and hybrid meetings accessible is that it’s universally beneficial.

Download our comprehensive guide to learn:

  • What disabilities look like in the workplace
  • The impact of inaccessible meetings
  • How to overcome the barriers to accessibility in meetings
  • The truth about some common disability myths
  • Tips for HR professionals and people leaders

The suggestions in this guide will improve the quality of your in-person, virtual, and hybrid meetings with everyone on the team, not only those with declared disabilities. As a result, your meetings will be more productive, efficient and inclusive.