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Canada’s Aging Workforce: Legal Considerations in the Employment Relationship

This guide for HR professionals offers four lessons for managing older and longer-service employees in Canada.

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There’s no question about it: Canada's workforce is getting older.

The 2021 Canadian Census showed that the percentage of the population over the traditional “retirement” age of 65 continues to increase year over year. It’s increasingly common for someone to work well into their 70s and beyond.

With the elimination of mandatory retirement for most roles, employers must adapt to the new reality of an aging workforce. And like in many other contexts, treating all employees the same isn’t necessarily the answer. Some forethought and accommodation may be required to ensure aging employees can continue in their roles.

In this straightforward guide, Canadian employment lawyers from Rudner Law offer FOUR LESSONS for managing older and longer-service employees:

  • Human rights in the context of age
  • Impact of age on benefits entitlement
  • Retirement
  • Considerations in dismissal

Download a complimentary copy of the guide to learn more.