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UKG for Higher Education

UKG™ for Higher Education helps control costs, improve workforce productivity, and maximize budgets.

Our solutions help you manage your professional, union, auxiliary, and student workforces all at the same time with automated tools that streamline processes and help rein in costs.

Kronos for Higher Education Blueprint

UKG for Higher Education addresses critical business such as:

  • Managing student workers
    Visibility into scheduling confirms that students are staying within their allotted Federal Work-Study hours and helps accommodate students with multiple jobs or non-standard shifts.
  • Tracking grant/project efforts
    Accurate and timely labor information gives supervisors the tools to impact the operational costs attributed to grants and projects.
  • Making data-driven decisions
    Better and more complete data allows school leaders to understand how labor dollars are being allocated and spent.
  • Minimizing compliance risk
    Labor information is critical to ensuring business processes, labor laws, and local policies are being followed. Automated time tracking reduces errors and discrepancies by employees, supervisors, and payroll.

Download this informative piece to learn more about how UKG for Higher Education can help your institution meets its objectives for student learning, research, and community support.

“I like that UKG technology can transform the way we do business. It makes it easier, so we can spend time doing the things we need to do instead of data entry.”

Shauna Thompson, Director, Financial Information Systems
Pace University