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Ready to automate and optimize the management of your entire casino resort—so you can double down on driving customer loyalty and repeat business? We have just the solutions for you.

UKG Virtual Roaster
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UKG Virtual Roster® helps you meet the unique workforce challenges of casino resorts with solutions to improve operational efficiency across all of your departments and properties—from scheduling to communications to labor compliance.

One Platform, One Experience

Simplify complex processes and consolidate efforts with a solution that helps you schedule, manage, track time, and more.

Minimize Compliance Risk

Automatically match workloads and employees and stay compliant with all relevant labor laws, union agreements, and company policies.

Dynamic Scheduling

Automatically build and maintain optimal, best-fit schedules with multiple shifts and positions.

Simplified Leave Management

Automate, forecast, and optimize employee leave to ensure you’re always covered with the right employees at the right time.

Gaming Floor Optimization

Easily configure floor plan templates to reflect your gaming floor layout and attributes so you can create more accurate workloads.

Employee self-service

Empower employees by giving them access and transparency to calendars, time-off requests, sign-ups, shift trades, and picklists.

Real-time Labor Data

View employee data to gauge your business flows and build optimized schedules that minimize overstaffing and understaffing.

Streamline Floor Operations

Leverage add-on feature UKG Pit Manager™ to easily monitor and manage the casino floor for maximum efficiency.

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