UKG EZCall — Automated Staffing and Scheduling

User-friendly solution for complex provider and staff scheduling needs

Designed to meet the scheduling needs of physicians, hospitalists, residents, advanced practice nurses (APNs), and clinical staff in highly dynamic procedural environments — so you can easily manage complex call and staff schedules, and daily OR/Procedural assignments.

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UKG EZCall — Automated Staffing and Scheduling
Automation Makes It Easier

UKG EZCall® helps you simplify the complex scheduling process, save time, and reduce errors with its rules-based scheduling solution.

Flexible Technology

Seamlessly manage calls, shifts, and subspecialty coverage based on your department’s unique requirements, policies, and contractual obligations.

Break Down Silos

Enterprise-wide visibility boosts morale with fair call distribution and equitable transparent schedules creating a culture of transparency.

Deep-Dive Reporting

Get insights and transparency into staffing patterns, performance, and utilization with advanced reports for better decision making.

Provider and Staff Satisfaction

Empower staff with mobile apps that allow providers and staff to easily swap calls and shifts giving them more control and flexibility over where they work, when they work, and who they work with, while ensuring all of their needs are met.

Customized Real-Time Dashboards

Configure dashboard to display locations, cases, and staff to manage room assignments and meal/break coverage.

Integration-Friendly Solution

Easily integrate virtually any other system, including all UKG® workforce platforms, timekeeping, payroll, EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and surgical scheduling systems.

Schedule the Team

Team scheduling allows providers to be paired with the appropriate support staff when and where they are needed.


“The benefit we expected with UKG EZCall was the visibility, and the benefit we didn’t expect was the sense of control employees had. They could check their schedules and switch shifts with other employees via their mobile phone, giving them a sense of control in a world where everything was in upheaval.”

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