UKG Banking Solutions — Workforce Management

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Our automated scheduling and workforce management solution is specifically designed for retail banking and credit unions, so you can improve sales and service for your loyal customers and members.

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UKG Banking Solutions for banks and credit unions provides tools that streamline processes, better prepare employees so they can provide friendly and efficient service, and help managers control costs— all to deliver a superior branch experience and increase sales.

Best-Fit Scheduling & Capacity Planning

Automatically schedule staff based on historical traffic patterns and align the right people, at the right time, to ensure exceptional customer service.

Easy Appointment Scheduling

Enable customers and members to book virtual, phone, or in-branch appointments using the mobile app or website for a seamless experience.

Employee self-service

Empower employees by giving them access and transparency to calendars, time-off requests, sign-ups, shift trades, and picklists.

Real-Time Metrics

Make in-the-moment decisions supported by real-time data and analysis of staffing needs based on current volume.

Gain Actionable Insights
Illuminate analytics on intuitive dashboards and get visibility into branch productivity, labor rates, and staff utilization to compare against industry KPIs.
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