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Human Capital Management for Municipalities

Three Ways an ERP Falls Short.

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ERPs are powerful tools for overseeing a municipality’s business operations, but there are some things they weren’t designed for. Compromise is inevitable when municipalities use an ERP to administer workforce and human capital management (HCM) processes. What if you could complement your ERP with purpose-built HR systems — and free your HR office?

There is no substitute for investing in a human capital management solution for administering the human side of the enterprise. An HCM solution can do so much more than an ERP when it comes to managing complex workforce scenarios, scheduling workers and staffing services appropriately, and providing an exceptional employee experience by empowering staff to be successful.

If you’re using an ERP to handle workforce and human capital management tasks at any of your municipal agencies, download this white paper to discover three reasons you might want to reconsider this practice.