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Best Practices for Managing Remote and Hybrid Workers

The world of work changed dramatically with the COVID pandemic, including where we work. Thousands of Canadians adjusted to working from home or other locations while workplaces were closed or quarantined.

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Today, fully remote and hybrid working models are common in many industries. Many employees prefer and even expect more flexibility in their work schedules and locations. The prevalence of employees working anywhere but “the office” raises many new and unanticipated issues for Canadian employers.

This 60-minute complimentary webinar shares some best practices for Human Resources and people leaders who manage remote and hybrid workers. Hear Canadian employment lawyer, Stuart Rudner, address new considerations for remote workers, including:

  • When the employer can mandate workers to be in the office (or onsite) fully or partially
  • Which employment standards laws apply to employees working remotely in other provinces or countries
  • Employer liability for accidents that occur in a home office
  • How to handle harassment and bullying via instant message, video, or phone call
  • How to monitor the performance of remote workers and address concerns when necessary

Also discussed, were recent legislative changes and how our existing laws apply to the new circumstances of remote work.