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UKG Pro People Analytics

Important decisions regarding your people are made every day. Drive data-driven, effective actions with UKG Pro People Analytics. Analyze all areas of human capital management (HCM) and workforce management (WFM) and leverage powerful dashboards and reports to discover the key people insights needed to make well-informed decisions.

UKG Pro People Analytics

Create Tailored Reports
Access an extensive library of easy-to-use delivered reports or build your own report library. Easily choose and filter data via a modern and intuitive interface to create and modify the reports necessary to understand and analyze workforce trends.

Easily Assess Data
Improve workforce efficiency through dashboards available all in one place. Display report data using rich, powerful visualizations—including bubble charts, heat maps, scatter graphs, and more—to gather additional insights in an easily consumable manner.

Receive Proactive Alerts
Leverage automated email notifications to alert teams and leaders of important events or metrics—allowing them to proactively address business issues, such as potential cost overruns or compliance violations.