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UKG Pro Payment Services

Tax filing and wage attachment disbursement can be time consuming, prone to errors, and stressful for any business. Through UKG Pro® Payment Services, you can partner with UKG to reduce risks, avoid costly penalties, and ensure required filings and payments are processed promptly and accurately.

UKG Pro Payment Service

Partner With Experts
With UKG Pro Payment Services, you partner with an expert representative from UKG who serves as your primary point of contact and addresses your unique business needs, so you can focus on supporting your people.

Avoid Costly Errors
UKG Pro’s tax filing safeguards your business against filing errors by transferring responsibility for remitting tax files and payments to experienced professionals, saving you time, money, and stress.

Automate Payment Processes
If your organization is required to process third-party payments on behalf of employees, UKG Pro’s wage attachment disbursement can effectively automate and manage the payment process for you, with increased accuracy and efficiency