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UKG EZCall for Physicians Features and Benefits

UKG EZCall for Physicians (formerly Kronos EZCall™) is a leading automated scheduling solution that creates flexible, fair, and equitable physician work schedules. UKG EZCall helps organizations make smarter physician staffing decisions in less time.

Discover how UKG EZCall can handle even the most complex scheduling rules with a powerful scheduling algorithm that helps organizations create call schedules, shift schedules, and daily assignments.

UKG EZCall for Physicians Features and Benefits

UKG™ (Ultimate Kronos Group) delivers a solution that ensures you have scheduled the right provider in the right place at the right time, minimizing compliance and liability risks. Using UKG EZCall for Physicians you can:

  • Create fair and equitable schedules that consider preferences, requests, FTE percentage, vacations, and more
  • Enable providers to use a mobile device or web browser to easily see their schedules, swap shifts according to preconfigured rules, and enter requests from anywhere
  • Evaluate practice patterns and staff utilization, including call distribution, assignments, and fairness points

Download this informative piece to learn more reasons why you should choose UKG EZCall for Physicians to more efficiently and effectively schedule your providers.