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Strategic Workforce Management Drives Agile Decisions at Northwest Pipe

Technology is changing how companies approach work. In the article, Strategic Workforce Management Drives Agile Decision Making at Northwest Pipe, learn how the company is using UKG Pro Workforce Management™ (formerly known as UKG Dimensions®)  to optimize productivity, make informed decisions, and engage employees.

Northwest Pipe, a manufacturer of steel water pipe systems, needs to effectively manage its workforce for excellent engineering and manufacturing performance and project management to guarantee on-time delivery of its products. Its SAP ERP solution was integrated with multiple disparate systems for human capital management and tax reporting, creating inefficiencies and difficult sharing of information and data.

Strategic Workforce Management Drives Agile Decisions at Northwest Pipe

Since Northwest Pipe implemented a human capital management solution from UKG ― a longtime SAP technology partner ― the company now has:

  • Real-time data to improve transparency between HR and finance
  • Labour analytics that enable data-driven decision making and a more efficient talent acquisition process
  • Intuitive technology that creates a better employee experience

This informative article discusses how Northwest Pipe is using its UKG solution to make strategic workforce management decisions.

“The company is excited to have access to real-time data and the ability to ask different departments what kind of information they want to see. To be able to provide that information in organized reports and charts is important to our growth.”

Bethany Johnson
Corporate HRIS and Payroll Manager
Northwest Pipe Company