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Beyond Machine Learning Playbook

Grocers operate on wafer-thin margins. Learn how AI helps improve labor models, forecasts, and schedules for more efficient store operations in the Beyond Machine Learning: How AI Makes Employees’ and Managers’ Lives Easier While Improving Your Business playbook.

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Beyond Machine Learning Playbook

As grocers strive to maximize their workforce and improve customer service, they can use a boost to drive competitive advantage. AI and machine learning technology can come to the rescue, helping grocers manage their people more effectively while optimizing supply chain and other operational functions. Using an AI-powered platform like the UKG Dimensions™ suite (formerly Workforce Dimensions™ from Kronos), grocers can more accurately forecast demand, and then generate a schedule that allows them to assign shifts to qualified, available employees. The results? Increased operational efficiency, improved employee engagement, and a truly differentiating customer experience.

This playbook highlights what you need to know about:

  • Using massive amounts of data to recognize patterns and better forecast demand
  • How AI can help inform and guide smart pricing and promotional decisions
  • The role AI can play in better scheduling and a more rewarding employee experience

Download this informative playbook to explore how using AI can streamline operations, enhance employee engagement, and enable you to provide a better overall customer experience.