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Miami Dolphins Uses UKG Pro to Link Higher Engagement to Better Business Outcomes

  • Empowers managers and employees with a process for clear, actionable goals and feedback through UKG Pro Performance Reviews

  • Delivers critical visibility through UKG Pro People Analytics to help organizations understand their people and foster engagement

  • Provides managers with instant access to employee data to aid real-time decision making

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins organization includes approximately 350 front-office and training staff members, and up to 1,500 seasonal employees. The Dolphins own and operate Hard Rock Stadium, which typically hosts NFL games, college football, tennis, international soccer matches, concerts and private events. The company selected UKG Pro due to the solution’s reputation within the professional sports industry.


Prior to UKG Pro, the Dolphins’ goal-setting process was managed manually, making goals difficult to track and access for quick reference. The organization sought employee-centric HR tools to make goals transparent and easy to change and track.


“Our biggest opportunity is continuing to find new ways to keep our employees engaged and enjoying their jobs, and UKG Pro Performance Reviews is a tremendous asset towards achieving that goal,” said Jeremy Campos, senior director of human resources for the Dolphins. “Now, our employees have instant, year-round access to their goals in Pro, and managers can also track their teams’ progress throughout the year. Thanks to this technology, we are also able to undertake a mid-year goal-setting process, and the workflow has made it fast and easy.”

“Our biggest opportunity is continuing to find new ways to keep our employees engaged and enjoying their jobs.”

Jeremy Campos

Senior Director of Human Resources


Campos noted that, in addition to performance management, UKG Pro People Analytics helps the organization better understand its workforce and maximize engagement.

“With Pro People Analytics, we now have access to real-time compensation and employee information, allowing us to make more data-driven choices around staffing,” said Campos. “With easy-to-pull data, we can quickly comply with requests from our leadership team as well as other required reporting.”

Campos explained that he has high confidence in the quality of reports pulled from Pro, and that the organization can use the results for a full range of payroll and HR data needs – from audits to workers’ compensation insurance data to business insights that help manage costs.

“Any manager can now go into Pro and run their staff’s data and make business decisions as needed,” said Campos. “In HR, we’re able to look at our expenses throughout the organization and evaluate innovative ways to staff up or down depending on the needs of a given event or initiative.”

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