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Why Agencies Need to Double Down on Workforce Management
Why Agencies Need to Double Down on Workforce Management
See the value of integrating ERP and workforce management solutions in this GovLoop and UKG report.
Optimizing budget dollars and ensuring continuity of services is job one. See how we can help you drive efficiency so you can protect important services and programs.

Why UKG for Government?

We offer powerful solutions that help you stay efficient and transparent with your budgets — to keep your people and constituents happy.

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    Control Labor Costs

    Get real-time access to operational costs, including overtime, so you can address key workforce challenges.

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    Reduce Compliance Risk

    Get immediate and automatic implementation of labor laws, rules and requirements including Collective Bargaining Agreements.

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    Employee Self-service

    Provide employees with easy access to their information, including schedules, pay stubs, accrual balances, and more—freeing up managers and payroll for higher-level tasks.

Customer Stories

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“It [UKG Ready] allows us to be relational and keep the transactional in UKG.”

Yuba County leverages UKG Ready to streamline hiring and onboarding, create more efficient HR/payroll processes, and access extensive workforce reporting tools.

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Our award-winning HCM and workforce management solutions deliver technology experiences that support the ways life and work are interconnected — to deliver better outcomes for your people and your business.

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Learn how our HR and payroll solutions help you achieve a better work experience for your people.

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